Luxury Vegetarian Finger Sandwich Selection with mini smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels, baby leaves and salted pretzels. (Note bagels contain fish and can be removed on request) £4.5 per filling (we reccomend 1 filling/sandwich per person).Let us know below which fillings you would like in the information box below.

All served on a mixture of thick white and malted sliced bread.
1.Cheese and Bramley apple chutney
2.Roast vegetables houmous and rocket
3.Brie and cranberry
4.Egg Mayonnaise and salad
5.Mozzarella, tomato and pesto
6.Cucumber and Philadelphia

We are happy to accommodate orders larger than for 12 people (however our website is not!)  For large orders, simply add a larger quantity of people to your basket. E.g for 50 people add a quantity of 5 platters for 10.
By selecting “Ordered as an addition to another product” from delivery, you will only be charged delivery once. 
Please feel free to message us with any queries you may have as we will be happy to help.

Luxury Finger Sandwiches (Vegetarian)